The Magic of the Viola
Songs, Arias & Genre Pieces
for Viola & Piano

Peter Hatch, viola

Bryan Pezzone, piano

Album Contents

1. Amazing Grace - America the Beautiful • 2. J. S. Bach: Arioso from Cantata Nº 156
3. Bach/Gounod: Ave Maria • 4. Puccini: Musetta's Song from "La Boheme"
5. Debussy/Orff: Romance - Carmina Burana • 6. Agustín Lara: Granada
7. Chopin: Nocturne, Opus 9, Nº 2 • 8. Mozart: Andante cantabile from Duo Nº 2
9. Astor Piazzolla: Los Pájaros Perdidos • 10. Fauré: Après un Rêve
11. Carlos Gardel: El día que me Quieras • 12. Astor Piazzolla: Chiquilín de Bachín
13. Bryan Pezzone: Lament • 14. Gounod: Juliet's Waltz Song from "Romeo & Juliet"
15. Hans Sitt: Elegie, Opus 75, Nº 1 • 16. Vieuxtemps: Elegie, Opus 30

Program Notes

Album Credits

Producer: Peter Hatch • Audio Engineer: Tom Zink
Recorded at: Ming Dynasty Studios (Long Beach, CA), June 28 & 29, 2001
Mastering: Digiprep (Hollywood, CA)
Graphic Design: Frank Martin

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All Right Reserved

On this album, Peter Hatch plays a magnificent viola made for him in 1978 by David Wiebe of David City, Nebraska. His bow is a "Spicatto" model graphite bow by Benoit Rolland fitted with tungsten steel wire bow hair. The piano is a Yahama Model C-5 Disklavier.

The artists wish to dedicate this album to all the victims and heroes of September 11, 2001.

Album also available for Yahama Disklavier

Note: This beautiful record will be coming soon to a record store near you. Until then, it is available only from our Ordering Department

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