Brahms: Sonata, Opus 78 in D-majorJoachim: "Hebrew Melodies" Opus 9
Hans Sitt: Album Leaves, Opus 39Enesco: Concertpiec

Album Credits
Producer, Engineer: Scott Harper
Recorded at: Elder Forest Studios, Elder Forest, CA
Program Notes: Michael Brooks
Color Research: André M. Smith, New York City
Cover Photo: James Stevens
Art director: Javier Calixto
Publisher: PROdigital Records

© 1992 PROdigital Records All Rights Reserved

Peter Hatch plays a magnificent 16 7/8-inch viola made for him in 1978 by David Wiebe of David City, Nebraska, who has also made violas for Yehudi Menuhin and William Primrose. His bow is by award-winning Paul Martin Siefried of Port Townsend, WA.


Fanfare: "The gifted Los Angeles-based violist Peter Hatch produces a beautiful tone from his robust viola and proves--along with pianist Delores Stevens--technically and interpretively a good Brahmsian...if you yearn to hear this lovely music performed with the viola, Hatch will not disappoint...
"The three other performances on this disc rate high marks, and present fine, unusual music...On the evidence of his melodious [Six]
Album Leaves, Sitt was capable of writing first-rate music. Enesco’s Concertpiece is splendid, combining charm, musical substance, and virtuosic display--a perfect piece to close this recital. The disc can therefore be recommended both to viola buffs and to collectors who seek unusual but still outstanding repertoire... PROdigital offers utterly life-like, close-up sound."

Strings Magazine: "...This performance by Peter Hatch is the first recording on viola of this work (Brahms: Sonata, Opus 78) and it is lovely. From the opening phrase, the listener is reminded that truly great music needn’t be limited to the timbre of one instrument. The Sitt, Joachim, and Enesco works are more idiomatic for the instrument and provide some nice material for highlighting the viola’s rich lower register. Fluid interpretations by the artists are enhanced by well-written, informative program notes accompanying the disc."

The Strad: "...Peter Hatch offers some passionate playing in the incantatory Grave... neat turns and a well-defined line in the closing Andante Cantabile of the Joachim. He also conveys the nostalgia which pervades Sitt’s Album Leaves with just the right mixture of sentiment and suavity--note the yearning sequences of the moderato and the unsyrupy emotion of the Lento... Hatch gives further evidence of his pyrotechnical potential in Enesco’s flashy Concertpiece. Roulades and chords, runs, repeated notes and coloratura antics abound, and Hatch meets all challenges with panache and a fixity of purpose that reveals the most powerful of bow arms."

American Record Guide: "...This is an interesting program... the rich, dusky tone of the viola suits Brahm’s autumnal writing... (and) Sitt’s themes are full of passion. He makes considerable use of the lower range of the viola, which results in a particularly lush sound... The Enesco has some especially rewarding pyrotechnics... the writing is skillful... (and) I can confidently recommend Peter Hatch’s playing."

Program Notes

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PRO-5308: 19th-Century Viola Music
Peter Hatch
Delores Stevens