PRO-6215 Brahms: Sonatas for Viola and Piano, Opus 120

Peter Hatch

Michel Wagemans

Sonata in f-minor, Opus 120, Nº 1
Sonata in E-flat major, Opus 120, Nº 2
Album Credits:
Producer: Frank Martin
Audio Engineer: Scott Harper
Recorded at: Elder Forest Studios, Elder Forest, California
Program Notes, Graphics: Frank Martin
Publisher: PROdigital Records

© 1995 PROdigital Records, Los Angeles, CA
All Rights Reserved

Peter Hatch plays a magnificent viola made for him in 1978 by David Wiebe of David City, Nebraska. His bow is by award-winning Paul Martin Siefried of Port Townsend, Washington . The piano is a Yamaha Model C7-F.

Program Notes

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